Trioperas | Three Legendary Operas, One Original New Show Toh Chin Xian


Toh Chin Xian

Cast Member

Toh Chin Xian is a member of Kun Seng Keng. As with many other members, he began his training as a musician, mastering the fundamentals of rhythmic precision and improvisation. He grew through the ranks to become a ‘lion tail’ dancer. Since then, he has performed in amongst others China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Macau and Singapore. When Toh was eventually selected to represent KSK in international competition, he successfully continued the great traditions of his association by winning the World Championships three times. His record-breaking win was earning an unprecedented 9.24 score. As the company’s newest crowned champions, they tour regularly all over the world. TriOperas marks his UK debut and for their unique choreography for the show amply demonstrates their all-round Wushu and Chinese operas skills.