Trioperas | Three Legendary Operas, One Original New Show Keedie  Green


Keedie Green

Cast Member

Early in her career, Keedie met Tan-Nicholson, who launched Keedie's Royal Albert Hall debut and her first experience of performing with a symphony orchestra. Since then, Keedie has gained experience over diverse styles and repertoire, touring with Aled Jones, supporting Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Dame Shirley Bassey and Meatloaf; and performing with Girls Aloud, Boyzone, West Life and other pop bands. Keedie recorded the film theme for Mogdiliani and achieved recording success with a No.2 hit in the UK popular charts (duetting with Duncan James), along with a Christmas hit. When auditioning for TriOperas, Keedie blew the panel away with a voice that has clearly developed even beyond the high expectations of its early potential. She is the mother of two young girls.