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Cham Gong Ming

Cast Member

Cham Gong Ming is the youngest cast member of TriOperas; and is the world’s youngest World Champion Lion dancer. He started his training early with Kun Seng Ken showing particular instinctive understanding of the art-form. As with Toh with whom he was eventually partnered for competition, Cham began as a cymbal and gong percussionist with responsibility for dance accompaniment. When he was selected for training as a dancer, his agility marked him as a potential ‘lion head’ dancer. Since then with Toh, he has become reigning world champion for the third time in a row. Together they tour performances to all over the world including Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, China, HK, Macau, Singapore and the USA. In making their UK debut with TriOperas, Cham will also apply his Wushu disciplines to demonstrate a whole range of other dramatic and acrobatic skills, as is the tradition in Chinese operas.